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Argan Oil Skin Care Treatment

If you are someone who likes to stay up on all of the latest beauty trends, the chances are very good that you have heard a little bit about argan oil. This is an oil that come from the argan nut, produced by argan trees, that grow only in Southwest Morocco. Not only is this a nut that contains the nutrition that local Moroccan animals crave, but is it loaded with goodness that is very beneficial for your skin and your hair. This is why so many people are looking to use a variety of argan oil skin care treatments to give them healthier, more beautiful skin.

Argan oil is packed with all kinds of good stuff for your skin. Not only is it high in vitamin E, but it is also loaded with beneficial antioxidants and essential fatty acids. All of these things act as protective elements and a combined natural superfood for your skin.

Argan Oil Skin
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These are some of the different options you have for using argan oil on your skin:

Nighttime Moisturizer

Argan oil has the ability to absorb into your skin quickly and without any leftover oily residue. Once you cleanse your skin using a quality cleanser, you can take a one drop and add it to your palm to warm it up, then apply it onto your face and neck in a circular motion. If the air is dry, such as in a drier climate or during the winter months, it may take a second drop to get the coverage that you need.

Skin Toner

Toning is something that is a very important step during your skin care routine. When you want to have an all over glow, you can add two to four drops of argan oil into your favorite brand of skin toner. Some people also like to make their own, all natural skin toner using argan oil by mixing in other elements such as green tea, citrus essential oil and water. The toner simply gets used once in the morning and once at night just after you cleanse and right before you moisturize.

Treatment Of Acne

If you are dealing with acne, argan oil is safe to use and proven to be very effective with reducing the levels of sebum in the skin. You can either use the argan oil as a moisturizer all over your face or in a toner as listed above, or you can mix the argan oil with tea tree oil to give you a powerful antibacterial punch and moisturizer all in one.

Whether you are someone who only has issues with dry skin on your face, or you would like to be able to treat your skin all over your body, argan oil skin care is going to give you what you need. Many women love to use argan oil on their legs after shaving and it is all natural and safe to use for people of all ages. Regardless of your skin type, you will find that argan oil is a wonderful, all natural option that you will love.